Menorca (Extreta del blog de Xec Gomila)
¡¡¡Sing, dance, smile!!! Enjoy our last instants together, because tomorrow it will be the end of the world and infinite will separate us. We will never see each other again, no spoke, neither feel our naked bodies closed. Living every second doing our utmost, desiring as per last time a kiss, a caress, feeling unique, friends, lovers. Hold me tight until my mind could not forget your arms, although my body will not exist. Love me as you never have loved me, desire to me as you never have done, and devour my skin tasting the sweetness of my essence. Share my kisses with torrid fervour, and never forget, on no account, that I am yours, forever, until never, feeling that ours is unique, being envious by others as per our singularity, because you are special, as I am too. So, for us, for life and passion, please, swear eternal love to me, as all earthly will die, as many loved ones also died and as much hopes were dissolved. Make me lose all senses and shake my body, joint to me further away of tangibles, get in me being crazy, reaching together the ecstasy, and just at that moment of foolish, only you and me will know about happiness, as no one has never felt before; and tomorrow, at the break of day, we will cry holding in our arms, giving away by last time the Sun, knowing that the more beautiful in this life are you, is me, are us and our love.
Suzanne Ciani - The Velocity of Love
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(Thanks to @EL_CID_CATALA to find this song)
Translation: Catalan , Spanish 

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